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photography Video creator.

Mainly shoot photography.

travel and outdoor related content.
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Born in China in 1997, graduated in March 2022 from the Faculty of Art, Tokyo Polytechnic University, majoring in photography. A growing photography writer.

In March 2021, a joint photography exhibition [To The Peak] was held at the Sony Imaging Gallery in Ginza, Japan. In May 2021, a joint photography exhibition [Travering 旅しないカメラ] was held at Place M Art Gallery.

Brands: Nikon, Hasselblad, Canon, Tamron, Insta360, DJI, etc.

Youtube channel: Links TV

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2021年3月于日本银座Sony Imaging Gallery举办摄影合展【To The Peak】。2021年5月于Place M Art Gallery举办摄影合展【Travering 旅しないカメラ】。